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Freshman Jitters

By Laura Wooten, Wooten Communications Do you remember the freshman jitters? That feeling you had on the first day of school, low woman (or man) on the totem pole? That’s the feeling I had when I went to my first North Dallas Chamber of Commerce meeting. I knew, from talking to my friend Paul Maynard, […]

Could I Have Saved My Eye? Part 2

By Carola Broaddus,  Wellness Institute A single workplace violence incident can have a monumental effect on a business. The after effects can linger in the business long after the incident occurred. I believe we as a society suffer from “It will never happened to me” syndrome. This attitude automatically moves us into the “victim list”. […]

Could I Have Saved My Eye?

By Carola Broaddus,  Wellness Institute “It will never happen to me….”  – A mindset that plagues most of society when it comes to violence. My drama was an actual “Violence in the Workplace” that unfolded over 15 years ago that resulted in the loss of one eye and three deaths. I was blessed to live […]

Balancing Act

By Daniel LaBroad, Ovation Health & Life Services, Inc. As entrepreneurs and business owners, we wear a lot of hats including salesman, controller, account manager, human resources, and customer service rep.  We have emails, projects and work to do 24/7, and it never seems to let up. When you add in family, particularly with young […]

Why I Joined the NDCC

By Laura Wooten, Wooten Communications Last year I was just too busy with client work to market my own business.  As a marketer, I should know better.  This year, I’m paying for it. When I got over kicking myself for not staying in the game, I joined the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce. Why did […]

How to Protect Your Business’s Proprietary Information

By Leiza Dolghih Every successful business has some information that gives it a competitive advantage – its “secret sauce” so to speak. It can include customer lists, customer preferences, financial data, business or marketing plans, formulas, or technical information, which, if known to a competitor or general public, would destroy the business. So, how can […]

What’s In a Brand?

By Laura Wooten What’s in a brand? More than most people think. That’s the reason Networking Skills Workshop cohosts Tom Dennis and Judy Bragg decided to focus the next two Networking Skills Workshops on Building a Personal Brand. According to Seth Godin: A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken […]

U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions Tours Children’s Medical Center

By Fred Guerra, Policy Analyst, Government Relations, Children’s Medical Center On March 19, Children’s was pleased to host U.S. Rep. and Chairman of the House Committee on Rules Pete Sessions. “Our team often invites elected officials to visit Children’s so we can demonstrate all we do for children in our community,” said Fred Guerra, Policy Analyst, […]

Free Flu Shots, Food and Prizes

Children’s Medical Center Invites the Community to the 2013 Health and Wellness Fair By Regina Montoya, Senior Vice President, External Relations and General Counsel With the school year well underway, parents have their hands full as kids bring home notes from teachers and nurses with suggestions on how to help their kids stay healthy and […]