What Skills are You Looking for in Employees? Take this Survey to Help Bridge the Talent Gap in Dallas County

The Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Dallas Regional Chamber, the University of Dallas, the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, the Richardson Chamber of Commerce, the University of North Texas at Dallas and the Dallas County Community College District, invites you to participate in the launch of the Dallas County Bridging the Talent Gap (BTTG) initiative! We are part of a national network of organizations, known as the Graduate! Network, that is working to see more adults complete a college degree or other post-secondary credential. With rapid growth, low unemployment rate, competitive pressures for talent, there is an acute need to provide educational and training programs that fit the specific needs of your company.  The future growth of your business and our regional economy depends on having access to a prepared workforce, and that’s why we need your participation.

Beginning on Monday, February 17th, every employer within Dallas County is invited to participate in our Dallas County BTTG Employer Survey. Your responses to this survey will help guide county-wide strategies to address employer talent needs and provide support to the ongoing work of employee upskilling.

The primary audience for this survey is employers located within Dallas County. Depending on your organization, it may be appropriate for you or another leader, with knowledge of your organization’s workforce needs, to take this survey. Responses to this survey will be kept strictly confidential. Responses from all participants will be combined and analyzed by the Graduate! Network Research Team and the findings reported only in their aggregate form. Employers interested in using the data to optimize education and learning to advance the skills of your workforce will be provided additional information and ways to engage.

Please click here to learn more and participate in the Dallas County BTTG Employer Survey. We ask that you complete this survey by Monday, March 30, 2020.

Thank you for your support!

Dallas County Bridging the Talent Gap Partners