Could I Have Saved My Eye?

By Carola Broaddus,  Wellness Institute

“It will never happen to me….”  – A mindset that plagues most of society when it comes to violence. My drama was an actual “Violence in the Workplace” that unfolded over 15 years ago that resulted in the loss of one eye and three deaths. I was blessed to live to tell the story. However, I have come to believe that we as individuals choose to not acknowledge the signs that point us to ask the questions that can lead to our safety in any type of potential violent related incident. This article alone causes discomfort— better to not deal with it— because it will never happen to me. The story alone was enough that we wrote a book. However,  the question remains- could I have saved my eye?

1. Were there signs that we could have questioned? Yes  – Pre-incident indicators are usually part of the incident

2. Were there office awareness procedures we could have put in place?  In another context- can we be more self-aware of potential violence?    Yes

3. Were there self-defense tactics I could have used?  Yes

As business owners and executives I believe that we must address these issues. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, nationally, medical expenses from domestic violence total at least $5 to $10 billion annually.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this Blog to answer and give directions on all three of these questions…..

Carola Broaddus and her company are dedicated to be the Wellness Consultants that can enhance and change your lives.

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