Laura Wooten

Plan Your Attack: 2015 is around the corner!

By Laura Wooten

What are your goals for 2014? Increase your business by 20%? Launch a new product or service? Improve your public speaking skills?

Whatever your goals for the new year, having a vital network is essential. That’s why Larry Fousie and I are hosting the next Networking Skills workshop on December 9 at noon. Our plan is to help you get organized so that you’ll know who you want to meet with starting in January, which local-area meetings are most productive for your business and how to effectively network.

Larry Fousie is a Financial Advisor with LPL Financial, Member FINRA, Member SIPC. For the list of states in which Larry is registered to do business, please visit

Join us!

Laura Wooten helps small and mid-sized businesses grow through marketing and business development efforts. You may reach her at


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