Laura Wooten

The Consistency Diet

By Laura Wooten

There are no get rich quick schemes. No real business one-size-fits-all solutions to growing your business. Except for consistency.

What do I mean, you might wonder?

Consistency applied to the North Dallas Chamber means:

  • Attending events regularly. The more people see your face, the more they will begin to know you, what you do and begin to know you are trustworthy.
  • Tell your story consistently. The clearer people are on what you do and how you can help them, the easier it will be to get business.
  • Reliably volunteer. Anyone that has worked with a nonprofit can tell you, some volunteers are more reliable than others. But if you can’t reliably serve on a committee, are your fellow volunteers going to trust you enough to refer your to clients?
  • Market yourself. As a marketer, I help my clients identify additional tactics to employ consistently to reach their clients. For this article, we’re focused on NDCC activities.

I’m the first to admit that consistency is not easy, especially for the small business owner. Things come up. You have work you need to get done, a client calls, the kids are sick.

It’s kind of like dieting. If you fall off the wagon, get back on again. Good luck and let me know how it turns out!

Laura Wooten helps small and mid-sized businesses grow through marketing and business development efforts. You may reach her at

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