Laura Wooten

The Money’s Not Always in the Room

By Laura Wooten

In a 1:1 with Kimberly Lay Martin, Chamber President, I was reminded of the value of consistency (see my last blog). As a commercial real estate broker, her sales cycle can be 3, 5 or 7 years, depending on the terms of her client’s lease.

Kimberly said something I’ll never forget. “For a sale to occur, opportunity has to collide with consistency.”

Her reputation at the Chamber as a commercial real estate professional earns her referrals within and outside of its members. She’s built her reputation based on her regular attendance at NDCC and other community organizations—her connections within the community—and by displaying her competency.

Larry Fousie, another consistent Chamber member and Financial Advisor with LPL Financial, Member FINRA, Member SIPC, who has built his business on a strong network, pointed out in a similar conversation, “Your potential clients aren’t always in the room. But the people in the room could know your potential clients.”

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