Laura Wooten

Why I Joined the NDCC

By Laura Wooten, Wooten Communications

Last year I was just too busy with client work to market my own business.  As a marketer, I should know better.  This year, I’m paying for it.

When I got over kicking myself for not staying in the game, I joined the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce.

Why did I choose the NDCC?

Like other area Chambers, the NDCC is made up of a mix of companies serving a variety of industries and clientele. Unlike other Chambers, NDCC has a dynamic and friendly culture filled with people shaping the community.

Rumor has it that the NDCC has more than 800 businesses in its mix. Of these, many of them are small to midsized business–my target market. Getting involved with the Chamber by going to events and volunteering will help me create relationships that will lead to new business.

Is it going to happen quickly?

No, I don’t think that it is going to happen all at once. It takes time to build trust and develop relationships that lead to more business. But I know I have found a great organization.

Now I just need to find the right places to get engaged. NDCC has some ideas on where new members should start. I’m working my way through their Membership Checklist to ensure I get the most value for my membership.

Laura Wooten helps small and mid-sized businesses grow through marketing and business development efforts. You may reach her at

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