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A chamber of commerce is an association of business and individuals who come together to promote business. It’s that simple. The chamber is a place to talk about vital issues. It’s a place to take action. It’s a place to meet people and make new clients (and maybe even some new friends).

Although the majority of our members are located between downtown Dallas and the city limits to the north, we have no distinct boundaries. We have a number of members located in the suburbs surrounding Dallas.

Too many reasons to list here, so see this page instead.

With more than 10 chambers in the Dallas area, no two chambers are alike. We believe the North Dallas Chamber is unique in our offerings. A membership here will complement your involvement in any other organization.

We don’t have one.

We give members and prospective members many opportunities to attend meetings and events throughout the month.

If you’re new to the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, we highly recommend VIP Coffee, the monthly introduction to the chamber and networking event. It’s usually on the fourth Friday of every month from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m.

If you’ve visited us before, you’re welcome to attend VIP Coffee or see our calendar of upcoming events.

Midtown has its own website at