Laura Wooten

Taking Advantage of Being New

By Laura Wooten, Wooten Communications

I learned a long time ago that there is an advantage to being new that only last a short while. That’s why, as a new NDCC member, I have about 3 months to leverage my “newness.”

Here’s how newness can be an advantage:

  • Newness is an excuse to introduce yourself to everyone. Regardless of the business you’re in, you’re really in the business of sales and marketing! So make sure you introduce yourself at events and meetings. Telling folks you’re new will give you an easy topic of conversation if you are feeling tongue-tied. Then continue introducing yourself to new people even when you aren’t new.
  • Newness is an excuse to test your elevator speech. None of us are perfect marketers. Getting the right message out to your target clients is a hard job. Being new gives you the chance to practice your elevator speech to a new audience. If you aren’t getting the results you expect, revise and try something new.
  • Newness is an excuse to meet in person. Most Chamber members understand the value of a 1:1 networking meeting. If you aren’t comfortable setting one up, use being new as an excuse. Reach out to members and ask them what they like about the NDCC, which events or committees they find most valuable, and how they recommend you get involved.

So far, so good on my front. Everyone I’ve met at NDCC has been kind, interested in me and what I have to say, and great advocates for the Chamber. Try for yourself!

Laura Wooten helps small and mid-sized businesses grow through marketing and business development efforts. You may reach her at

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