Why You Should Connect Your Life and Career with Who You Really Are

By Sandra Lewis, Life at the Table

There is one fact I have come to embrace about myself rather late in life:  I’m creative.

Cooking, writing, photography.  I love it all and all are creative.

Why has it taken me so long to describe myself this way?

I had grown up with an image of who I was based on watching someone else in my life – my mom.

My mom is a fantastic cook and this is where my love of all things culinary springs from.  But she always referred to herself as not creative.  I know she has said it many times, and in conversation with her within the last month I have heard her say it once again.

She never told me I wasn’t creative, but never did she observe that I was either.  That’s neither here not there, the point is somehow her thinking about herself had become my own.

Until one day I took a good hard look at myself and the activities and interests that bring joy and satisfaction into my life.

And they are all creative.  I am creative.  Yes!

Now, I’m off to cook something yummy and snap a photo of it.

Sandra Lewis facilitates transformational change in organizations, families, and individuals through the fellowship of the table.

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